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Here you will find some of the finest traditional “Nagaika” whips produced in various parts of Russia – from Don and Kuban rivers to Siberia! The Nagaika whips have been a trusted companion of Cossack warriors not only as a horse riding tool but also as a effective self-defence weapon, a symbol of authority and manhood. Nowadays it’s becoming very popular with Russian martial arts enthusiasts around the world who use it for training Systema, and even massage! Besides it make a great gift for everyone from children to adults. Here you will find nagaikas and volchatkas that with suit everybody, every purpose and every budget!

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A few words about myself, the owner of the site and Russian Whips guy! My name is Andrey Lyapin, I am (at the moment) 45 y.o. Russian guy living in the middle of that big country near the famous Volga river. My interest in Cossacks, their traditions, lifestyle and martial arts has led me to first start collecting and later selling online cossack attributes like nagaika whips, kubanka hats, bashlyk hoods and even shashka swords! Later the number of items grew a bit to include handmade knives and other Russian souvenirs.

At the moment I run two online stores:

I have my original ebay store:

Another store with my products, including Russian Souvenirs on Etsy:

I also have a Youtube channel where I put short videos on my products, my training and my lifestyle:

My English language Instagram account:



Frequently Asked Question

IF  we look it up in wikipedia (where else?) that’s what we gonna find:


The nagaika  нага́йка, pronounced [nɐˈɡajkə]) is a short, thick whip with round cross-section used by Cossacks, borrowed from Nogai people, hence the original name “nogaika”, or “Nogai’s whip”. It is also called камча, kamcha from the Turkic word “kamci” for “whip”. The latter word is also used for short whips of Central Asian origin.

The nagaika was made out of leather strips by braiding. It was possible to have a piece of metal at the tip of the whip.

The main purpose of a nagaika was to urge a horse. A metal piece was used for defense against wolves. According to Vladimir Dahl’s “Explanatory Dictionary of the Live Great Russian language”, this nagayka was called volkoboy (волкобой, “wolf-slayer”).

In modern times the descriptions of the military use of nagaika tend to be mythologized, and in the past the prime and predominant use was to drive horse. At the same time nagaika was known to be used against unarmed people.

I can only add that there’s more to nagaika than horse riding tool or even improvised self defense weapon.  It’s been a symbol of manhood, a gift of honor to a man, a wedding gift (as a sign of household authority in absence of man it was a hanging on a door in a woman’s part of house), and a life long companion to a a cossack warrior!

Nowadays it’s still popular as a traditional part of cossack uniform, self-defense and training weapon!

Absolutely!  I handpicked few trusted suppliers in different parts of Russia (from Don and Kuban to Siberia and Altay) who’ve made nagaikas and volchatkas for many years! You can be assured of there top quality and authenticity!

Well, you may want to use it for defending yourself of somebody you care for against … say a stray  dog or some aggressive unreasonably aggressive human without causing them and you injuries or legal troubles or at list controlling the impact.  Wait, I even got a video on this topic, so go ahead and watch THIS VIDEO.

It’s as legal as owning a horse, or a leather belt for that matter.  Since it’s actually a bunch of thin leather belts braided into a kind of piece of rope sometimes attached to a wooden handle.  How do you regulate that?  As far as I know there are no restrictions to owning or carrying one. As for using it …  you discretion as a responsible adult (and you legal advisor if you have one) will answer that one best ))

You can go to my either stores (ebay or etsy) or you can put the items you like to own in the shopping carp and I’ll connect with you to give payment directions. Normally it’s done through Paypal, but other payment options also can be used.

Once you’ve paid for you purchase, it’ll normally take me 1-2 business days to get the items ready and shipped by Russian International Poast service. Then I will send you the track number you can follow on site. For international shipping one item regular fee is 9.90$. If you need express shipment I can ship it by EMS or DHL and let you pick up their bill whatever it is.

It’s quite intuitive really, as simple as swinging and lashing out ))) Did I tell you about a whip self masssage

There’s plenty of great material on Youtube I’ll share with you including my own videos like this:

So get a whip and have fun!

All my whips are made of genuine tough leather and as such they’ve been treated already, with use especially when subject to water they may need some treatment by regular leather treatment products like wax or leather shoe spray.

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