Hi, there!

Hi, there!

I am Andrey, the whip guy. As I am about to launch my website I thought it might be a good idea to
have a blog in it as well (since I already invest money in building a site, why not, have some cool
features there, hehe).

Although I have some experience in blogging (or rather vlogging on Youtube and Instagram) this is
pretty much my debut as an English speaking blogger. Nevertheless, I will do it. And to save you
the precious time (to decide if you want to read or go) here are some topics I will probably touch
upon at one point or another in this blog:

  • Why most people will stay sick, broke and drugged
  • Quitting 9 to 5 and starting to live one’s own life finally
  • Kicking habits which are bad for you and acquiring good ones
  • Life in Russia (in you have any questions it would make it a lot easier to come up with something interesting
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Goal setting
  • Getting some sense into one’s existence beyond job and TV watching
  • How to improve Men – Women relationships (a bit of mansplaining too)
  • How to achieve world peace and universal wellbeing
  • How to set up a comfortable and fulfilling life for oneself without caring too much about what people will say
  • A tiny bit of world politics
  • How a man over 40 can enjoy himself without getting his health ruined ))
  • Something else you tell me!

So stay put and write me what topics I should start with …

Until next time!

P.S. Make sure to order a whip, you’ll need one soon I promise! )))

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